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Lettering of old German handwriting script

Altdeutsche Schrift Ueberschrift

The german language handwriting enfolded a number of different styles and letters involving Gothic script or Blackletter from medieval times up to Sütterlin from the 20th century.

Some characteristic samples of the same phrase are presented below. The translation of the phrase is 'to translate old German script'

Altdeutsch Druck

Altdeutsche Druckschrift

Altdeutscher Druck

Altdeutsche Handschrift

alte deutsche Schrift

Alte deutsche Handschrift

Altdeutsche Schreibschrift

Altdeutsche Kurrent


altdeutsche Schrift um 1900


The last sample shows the Sütterlin script, created by Ludwig Sütterlin in 1911 as a modern handwriting script. It started to replace the old handwriting Kurrent script beginning from 1920 in schools until 1941. Nowadays many people falsely call all old German handwritings 'Sütterlin'.

Below is the alphabet of the Sütterlin letters: