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Old German Script

translate old German handwriting script

A Warm Welcome to my Page

Do you own any old documents from your German ancestors that you cannot read? Would you like to know what they say? Barely anyone can read these writings of old german handwriting and blackletters any longer, although many documents are stored in archives , churches, and even private homes from centuries ago and are written in the 'suetterlin' script or older German handwriting , just waiting to be "translated". Archiv

Many people own letters, postcards, certificates, court records, documents concerning inheritance or matters of genealogy or other papers which contents they do not know because they cannot read the writing.

But there is help. I can offer you my services through my transcription office by working on your documents and translating them. Additionally, I can research your family or business history in German churches and archives.

Often these documents of your ancestors will contain interesting news and valuable information. You might be surprised by what happened ages ago in your family and in the surrounding area.


In accordance with my professional training as a certified documentary and due to my work at the Cultural Historical Museum of Rostock ,
I have extensive experience in dealing with old scripts.

By evaluating historical journeymen documents for many years, I am also able to decipher more complicated German handwritings and to research your assignments professionally.

The examples on the following pages will give you an idea about my capabilities.