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the church of Biestow

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Friedrich Franz I. (1756-1837)
Duke of Mecklenburg

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The following letter was written by the sovereign of the state, the Duke of Mecklenburg, to the pastor Mr. Wiggers of the church of Biestow and refers to the pension for the scoolmaster Mr. Burde in the village Kritzmow, fixed in an leasehold with the Hanseatic city of Rostock.

handwriting letter of the duke of Mecklenburg in old german script

Friederich Franz by the Grace of God
Duke of Mecklenburg

Worthy, Scholarly, dear Reverent and Faithful One! Referring to your humble petition regarding the dilemma of the schoolmaster Burde in Critzmow arising from his dismissal from his profession, We herewith let you graciously know directly that We are unable to make exceptions to those assurances given by Our city of Rostock involving older and newer legacy agreements; however, We will consider without delay the fulfillment of assurance for other benefits given to the schoolmaster by Mr. Ondes, R.I.P. by the Graces of Duke Friederich of Mecklenburg on March 20, 1784. You will have to comply with that.

Date on Our Fortress in Schwerin the 23rd of August 1790.

The Honorable Pastor Wiggers
in Biestow

This letter by Dr. Studemund to the pastor of the church in Biestow deals with dropping and adding of candidates for ecclesiastical office into a matriculation register and the payment of overdue debts from the purchase of books.

Letter from Teacher to Pastor

Reverend, very learned Pastor,
Highly esteemed Colleague!

Rev. Father will graciously excuse that only now I answer his esteemed letter, dated January 12 a.c. (annus currentis)[of the current year]. I certainly would have attended to this duty earlier if I had not suffered from a bothersome weakness of the eyes which this winter forbade all writing in the evening by (lamp) light. According to your kind letter, mentioned above, I have deleted the name of Gottlieb Peter Friederich Hävernick, who was marked down as a candidate (a candidacy for still open church appointments) in m.[onth] March of 1808. Johann Friedrich Hoht from Critzmow has been registered on December 28, 1809, as candidate for the seminaries. Following your wishes, I humbly take the opportunity to send the document as proof herewith.

At this occasion I dare ask Rev. Father a favor whose fulfillment I expect because of his disposition of friendship. I still owe your M.[ister] son the M.[ister] P.W. in Rostock the subscription money for six copies of The Life of Socrates, published by him. I should have paid it long ago, and it is nearly incomprehensible to me how I did not remember this at all. Unfortunately, it might be caused by a memory weakened by old age. Rev. Father will be so kind to send this money to your M.[ister] son soon extending my best regards and sincere excuse for my past neglect. The above mentioned 6 copies together (one copy at 36 s.[ilbergroschen] cost four Rtlr (Reichsthaler) 24 s.[ilbergroschen] I have added 8 s.[ilbergroschen] to this money for postage.

I commend myself to Rev. Father's friendly favor and remain with entirely respect,

Rev. Father's humbly devoted
Dr. Studemund

Llust (Ludwigslust)
March 6

The originals of the example cited above are located in the archive of the Church of Biestow.