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Contact and Prices

You can avail yourself of my services in different ways:

  • Mail the document or your question by e-mail to: flying letter
  • Send me a high quality copy of your documents by mail at the address below:
    Annette Huebner
    Koenigsfarnweg 8
    18198 Kritzmow

  • You can also give me a phone call:

    +49  38207 - 74895

In any case, please be mindful to use high resolution copies, if possible. That way, the often important details necessary for complete and correct deciphering are safeguarded.

After receiving and inspecting your documents I will give you first a free cost estimate.

Prices for translations depend on the time I need to decipher and to transcribe. This again is determined by the extent, the clarity and the quality of the copy of the document. In general one can say that most documents dated after 1850 rarely present problems. In older text the legibility depends whether the handwriting is clear or adorned with flourishes, many abbreviations and proper names are used, and most of all, whether a fine or broad nib was used. Therefore, it is difficult to estimate a price without having seen the document.

To quote a concrete example refer to my examples site please. For the complete service of deciphering and transcription of the letter of the Duke of Mecklenburg I would charge 10 Euro. On the other hand the letter of Dr. Studemuno consists of two pages of unpurified handwriting. Deciphering of such 'cacographie' takes much more time. The complete service for this two pages would cost 30 Euro in total.

The price examples above do not include any translation from German into English. If you are interested in additional translation service too do not hesitate to ask me or follow the link below. It would give me great pleasure to help you.



For further inquiries I am gladly available to you anytime at the contact address below.

About 'Old German Script':

Annette Hübner
Königsfarnweg 8
18198 Kritzmow
phone: +49 (0) 38207 - 74895

Privacy policy

All data received pertaining to persons and events will be dealt with confidentiality and not given to third persons. The use of the received data is entirely limited to internal purposes.