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Where we are come from? Who are our forefathers? The basics in this investigations are family registers and certificates of the past. Helpfull are also official registers like baptismal or marriage registers of the churches. Most helpfull are family trees and ancestor tables.

Here are samples from my own family:

Ahnenpaß - zur Vollansicht anklicken!

Page of an "Ancestor Passport": on the leftside - birth certifications, on the right side marriage and death certifications.


Ahnentafel - zur Vollansicht anklicken!

Section of an anchestral table: on the left the great-grand parents and on the rigth the great-great-great-great-grandparents (4-great-grandp.).



Extract of the baptismal register of the church Oberebersbach in Germany: the newborn Johann George Adam Grütze, born on Feb., 13th 1769, baptized on the same day. Below the entries of the parents and the profession of the father.



Extract of the register of marriages of the church Oberebersbach in Germany. The document refers to the marriage of Mr. Johann Gottfried Grütze with damsel Anne Sophie Herrmann on Feb., 19th of 1784. Also documented are the names of the parents below the entries of the couple.



Death certificate:
May, 21st 1919 Ms. Emilie Graumnitz passed away in Gablonz